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Chuan is the roman english alteration of the word pronounced in Hanyu pinyin as: zhuăn or can be written in Standard Chinese as 专 or 转 and is written in Roman English as Chuan for ease of pronounciation for people of Pakistan . 专 or zhuăn or Chuan means "Expert" or "Specialized", so as the Chuan Language Center is.

Chuan Chinese Language Center is the biggest place for learning Standard Chinese Language (Mandarin) or Putonghua or 普通话 / 普通話 in Pakistan. 98% of the world Chinese speaker population speaks Mandarin i.e. Standard Chinese Language (Mandarin) or Putonghua or 普通话 / 普通話 Pakistani People can easily learn Chinese Language and Chinese people can learn English and Urdu very easily in Chuan Chinese Language Center.

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